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Benefits Of A Home Safe

Having a safe at home is NOT just for “the rich folk!” Far from it! People from all income levels can enjoy better protection and security for their valuables by having a residential safe installed or added to their home. Whether you have piles of cash lying around or want a secured place for your important documents or collectibles, a sturdy home safe is always good to have.

What’s In Your Safe?

Star Norfolk Locksmith installs home safes in all areas of town. You can call our shop or your favorite Norfolk, VA locksmith crew and get all of your questions answered and the right safe for your needs installed. You can literally put anything you like into your residential safe for protection. Some of the items our customers secure include cash, jewelry, real estate appraisals and titles, receipts, tax returns, treasured heirlooms, family photos, stock certificates, bonds, collectibles and even guns! Your safe not only protects your valuables from theft, it also can secure them against fire, flood, wind, dust and even nosy relatives and espionage!

Cash – that proverbial “rainy day” can come at any time! You’ve heard the saying “cash is king?” Well, it’s often true! Having fast access to real money is never a bad thing! The amount on hand at home is up to you; everyone’s needs are different. Our Star Norfolk Locksmith crew always tells customers to put aside any amount they feel comfortable saving. While we don’t ask you to become a “prepper” it is nice to have some money when the local ATM is down or it’s raining and you don’t feel like tackling the slick roads just to get your hands on some cash. Fast cash is always good to have around. You can use it for tipping the pizza guy, handyman expenses, paying the landscaper, emergency pluming problems, pet issues, dental care, charity donations, tax bills, fast food orders, auto repairs, and even for funeral expenses!

Weapons – this can be a touchy subject but for many having access to a gun or other firearms is essential for good home security. You can keep a gun in just about any decent sized home safe and a designated gun cabinet/safe can also be used. Our Star Norfolk Locksmith shop offers sales, service and installation of gun safes from the best manufacturers. Having a loaded weapon lying around is NOT smart. Accidental shootings involving children or other family members are more likely to happen this way. Don’t take chances with your weapons; secure all guns in a proper safe or cabinet!

Jewelry – you don’t have to have the Star of India in order to protect your jewelry. Both men and women can secure their valuable watches, rings, necklaces and bracelets in a locking safe. While you are at it, appraisals and receipts for that same jewelry can be stored and protected along with the gems. Often, investment grade stones of all kinds as well as watch collections and estate jewelry are kept in a residential safe.

Papers – many of our Norfolk, VA customers store important documents in their home safes. It’s nice knowing exactly where you bank books, passport, and birth certificates are all kept. Add to those appraisals, real estate documents, car titles, insurance papers, tax returns and even credit report print outs. If you have stock certificates or art appraisals these too can be included. Family heirlooms and old photographs can also be safeguarded this way. Many times technology like flash drives, hard drives and software find protection inside the family home safe.

Some Concerns

Star Norfolk Locksmith offers free consultations to our local customers and some of the questions we get asked involve safes for home use. Some wonder if the safe will make them a target for home invasion or burglary. The important thing to stress is to be discreet about your safe. If you constantly brag about what’s IN your safe, then yes, you might become a target. You really don’t have to tell everyone you know about your safe and what you keep in it. Yes, safes are rather conspicuous but that doesn’t have to be the case. You don’t need a Brinks Guard standing next to it all day! Be discreet and place your safe in an accessible location in your home but not prominently displayed. You can also get a wall safe that is hidden behind a bookcase or a picture frame. Floor safes are NOT just for restaurant use; many homeowners have us install them at their homes. These can be hidden beneath furniture or under a rug. The location of your safe and the model you wind up adding depends much on your security needs. If you “bury” the safe under heavy furniture or in a safe room that is hard to access, then you shouldn’t add contents to it that you might need in a hurry like a weapon!

Where To Buy

If you’ve read this far, you are probably thinking of adding a home safe. Like anything else, some smart shopping is needed. Prices range from discount rates to ultra-expensive, and everything in-between. You can go to estate sales and sometimes get a real bargain. You may need an experienced locksmith to get your newly acquired safe open if it’s sealed and has no combination. National stores like Target, Sears and Wal-Mart offer a small variety of safes and you check online at EBay, Amazon and Craigslist for both new and used safes. It’s always wise to ask about shipping, installation, warranty coverage, spare parts and key codes or combinations. Read reviews and ask questions! Safe stores are generally more expensive than just calling a local, fully certified locksmith shop like Star Norfolk Locksmith were we offer premium quality sales, service and installation at the best rates and with your satisfaction guaranteed. Be choosy about selecting your home safe; after all, it will protect items that really matter to you! We cheerfully invite you to call our shop and get any questions you may have answered by our in-house safe professionals!