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Different Lockout Situations - What To Do!

Lockouts can happen at any time of the day or night. You can be at home or at work. You can be at your car or at your business. Locks and keys are everywhere in Norfolk, VA and behind each one is the ability for it to close and lock leaving you locked out of your property, car or building. Everyone has been locked out at some point and our emotions and feelings run from feeling foolish to absolute panic. Read this post and see the best ways to deal with lockout situations. You’ll be that much ahead the next time one of these situations occurs.

What Are Lockouts Exactly?

We are not talking about changing the locks to keep your ex out of the house or evicting a tenant for not paying the rent. Those are separate matters and in industry terms are called rekeys and eviction lockouts. The topic of this post deals with accidentally locking yourself or someone else out of a building, vehicle or piece of property. Star Norfolk Locksmith deals with all kinds of lockout situations on a regular basis. Our licensed, bonded and insured professionals have “seen it all” over the years and we know best how to not only help cut down on lockout situations but also how to put them behind us so that you can get your life back on track. You may be thinking that there are less expensive alternatives than to simply call for a locksmith in Norfolk, VA and pay to be let back inside. But are there really? Smashing a window or prying a door lock off the hinges only causes property damage and can even result in injury or a police citation. Know your options and be prepared for any lockout situation by being one step ahead of accidental lockouts in your life.

Automotive Lockouts

We’ve all done it; you park the car and run inside a shop to pick up lunch or a package and come back out to see your keys dangling from the ignition inside your locked car! Or, you finish that late afternoon meeting and can’t wait to rush home and have dinner with your family only to discover that your keys are nowhere to be found. Did you drop them in the meeting somewhere? Are they in the lost and found? Are they possibly in the trunk? All you know is that they are not in your possession and you can’t leave without them! Sometimes the problem is not lost or stolen keys. Broken off keys can also prevent you from accessing your vehicle.

Residential Lockouts

Just like the name implies, these are lockouts at home. Not evictions, not rekeys, but non-deliberate lockouts due to accidents, lost keys, broken off keys and such. Here at Star Norfolk Locksmith we never advocate breaking a window or smashing a door knob in order to gain entry to your own home! Property damage and a possible arrest are never the way to go. These options can result in injury, greater cost and some people have even been shot by other residents or neighbors that didn’t understand what was going on. We also don’t recommend hiding a spare key in a flowerpot or under the mat. Burglars and other crooks will look here first you could be dealing with worse problems than a lockout.

You can leave a key with a trusted neighbor or with a relative that lives close by. Not everyone has this option however as family could live out of town your neighbors may not be on close terms with you.

Commercial Lockouts

Yes, even business people get locked out of their shops, offices and factories! It can happen to anyone from an early morning stocker who just stepped outside for a cigarette to a high powered attorney that left for court in a rush and lost his keys on the way. Star Norfolk Locksmith offers 24-hour lockout assistance at affordable rates to all local business owners, staff and customers. Simply call our shop number (or your favorite emergency locksmith shop) and let us know where you are and what’s going on. If you own or manage a local business you might consider leaving a key with another shop owner that you know and trust. Sometimes the management office is nearby and can let you back in but don’t depend on these options as they are not sure-fire remedies for commercial lockout situations.

Lockout Prevention

It’s impossible to prevent accidental lockouts 100% but you can cut down on them by being more aware of your surroundings and situation. Don’t leave keys laying around on work desks or counters. Secure your purse at the grocery store so that it’s not easy to reach in and grab keys, cash or credit cards. You might leave a spare house key in the glove compartment or with a friend. It’s always good to have a phone friend that you can call during a lockout. Even if they don’t have a key for your Norfolk, VA car or home they can talk to you while you wait for a licensed, bonded and insured locksmith to arrive. This cuts down on nerves and also gives you a possible witness or helper to call if you run into some kind of trouble like while you wait.

Call The Right Locksmith!

Sure, Star Norfolk Locksmith would love to help you with your lockout situation but you don’t have to use our service; any real locksmith should be able to help. It’s smart thinking to already have an insured, bonded and certified locksmith shop on your smart phone. Don’t wait until you are in the middle of a crisis in order to first make your call. Many so called locksmith shops are only fronts for outsourcing services that may call a handyman or some part time amateur. Always use genuine locksmith professionals that offer fast response times, 24-hour assistance, mobile technicians and free, no obligation price quotes.