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Importance of Having a Gun Safe

Many people in the United States own guns, and with fears over laws potentially changing, more people than ever are looking into gun ownership. The majority of people are responsible gun owners, but some don’t consider how this notion extends to the storage of a weapon. It is very important to have a gun safe if you own this sort of weapon, and the team at Star Norfolk Locksmith in Norfolk, VA has put together a list of reasons as to why this is the case. If you happen to live in or near Norfolk, Virginia then you can take advantage of the services they offer, like gun safe installation. However, no matter where you are located, the information provided should be helpful.

Why is it so important to have a safe for a gun?

Well, in many states, it’s the law. Did you know that in a place like California, leaving a loaded gun out in the open where a child can get to it is actually completely illegal? So, it is more than just dangerous because a person could end up becoming seriously injured or killed. It is against the law in many places to have a gun which is loaded sitting out in the open. In places like this, a safe is very important to have for weapon storage. One can lock the gun away so that a child is unable to get to it, but in an emergency situation like a robbery, the owner can access it.

You can avoid becoming a statistic

Safes for guns, as previously mentioned, can prevent tragic accidents from occurring. So beyond the first idea that safe weapon storage is the law in many locations, the safe storage of a gun can help to eliminate the chance of a terrible accident from occurring. Just imagine if your teenager had a friend over and decided to grab your gun out of your drawer. Imagine if they didn’t realize it was loaded, or if they mistakenly thought that it was safe to play around with. According to an article published in 2015, it was predicted that approximately 400 Americans would die in unintentional home shootings that year. This number is tremendously high, considering that the safe storage of a weapon can completely prevent even one person from being mistakenly killed by said weapon due to easy access for the wrong person. As per the Center for Disease Control, in 2013, there were 505 deaths caused by firearms, unintentionally. 400 of these deaths took place in residences, as per the National Safety Council.

The numbers are scary. It is terrifying to think that the weapon which was created to protect you could end up costing the life of someone you love. For reasons such as this, it is very important to have a safe to store away your gun. There are no two ways about it!

You can protect your rights

So now you know that in many places, having a safe to store away a gun is the law. And you know that having a safe for a gun can prevent terrible accidents from occurring. But did you know that having a gun safe can help to protect your rights? Some believe that guns are a threat to the safety of the public. If you don’t want to be characterized as a careless gun owner and you want to avoid becoming a statistic which makes people believe that guns should be against the law, then it is important to be a law-abiding gun owner who keeps their gun locked away, so that accidents won’t happen. Keeping your weapon locked away so that only the owner is able to access it is one way that you can help to protect your rights as a weapon owner.

You can prevent a burglar from being able to access your weapon

Keeping your gun locked away can also eliminate the chance of a burglar being able to access it. The last thing you want to deal with during a break in is having the criminal have access to your weapon. If it is locked away in a safe that only you can access, then the hope is that you would be able to grab it quickly, without having to worry about a criminal grabbing it.

It might be required by your insurance

It is important to look into your insurance. If you happen to have a gun collection, then you might be required by your insurance coverage to have the weapons locked away in a safe. Some companies even require that you have an alarm on the safe. This is something that is important to look into.

Now you know that it is important and sometimes even the law to have your gun locked away in a safe. Star Norfolk Locksmith in Norfolk, Virginia wants gun owners everywhere to be extremely careful when they own an item that can be so dangerous if it falls into the wrong hands. If you make the decision to purchase a gun, or if you already have one, get on the phone with a locksmith in your area to see about having a safe installed. They can make sure that the safe is installed properly, and they should also be able to answer questions about the different types and materials available to you. By doing an online search, you can pull up reputable locksmiths which are local to you. You can also ask around – ask neighbors, family and friends if they have a lock and security provider that they recommend. It is always a good idea to have the contact information of this sort of expert on hand – other situations can come up that will require their assistance. Consider the importance of having a gun safe installed so that you can properly store your weapon, and abide by the law.

Thank you for being a responsible gun owner!